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BUDAM (Faroe Islands)

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TIME: 15:00-15:30


MY ORIGIN: My mother’s water broke in 1979 on the 23rd of April. The 23rd of april of 1979 was the same day that a Big Blue whale called BOB SADLY DIED of constipation and therefore floated up to the surface of the cold blue Greenland sea and therefore, by functioning as A DEAD 110 FEET LONG LIFEBOAT, saved the drowning men of a sunken Faroese fishingboat called THE FISHINGBOAT. So, as my mother lay on a hospitalbed, screaming for help, the men of the fishingboat THE FISHINGBOAT lay on a 110 feet long dead marine mammal screaming for help. Tragically, as MY MOTHER PUSHED ME IN TO LIFE, the Blue Whale started sinking and all the sailors died, except one, my uncle called BUDAM, who was an exellent swimmer and swam from the cold sea of Greenland to the not so cold sea of the FAROE ISLANDS. So, my mother named me after a screaming and swimming uncle who, ironically, died shortly after of – I KID YOU NOT – constipation. He and Bob the Blue Whale became known as THE CONSTIPATED SAINTS OF THE SEA— MY PHILOSOPHY: My mother is an actress and my father is a great storyteller so I grew up with two parents dedicated to the art of lying. Every lie has a little truth in it, my father used to tell me. I believed him. And I still do. Every lie has a little truth in it. So that is what I do. I tell stories, I act and I sing. I’m dedicated to the art of lying. And, to tell you the truth, it is the only thing in life – this crazy dance of spirit, mind and matter – that makes sense to me. To tell a little truth with a big lie.— MY VOCATION: To touch people – especially women – where they usually don’t get touched.



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